Farzad Farzin’s Biography

Farzad Farzin is an Iranian singer, song writer, arranger, and actor. Started his career as a singer in 2004. Released 6 studio albums (Sharareh, Shock, Shaans, Shellik, Shakhsi, Shesh)  as well as several non-album hit singles. In 2007 he was able to give a couple of European concerts in Netherlands and Germany.

Late August 2010, he managed to make his European chart debut with the second song “Chikeh Chikeh” from his third album “Chance” and managed to stay there for two weeks with an introduction to his new album. This received high attention in the Iranian on-line media.

Farzad Farzin won several Awards in the category of “The Best Live Performance of the Year” by people votes and by the jury in “Musicema Awards” held in Iran. The international football and music festival “Art-football” which was invented and organized for the first time in Moscow, Russia and became one of the most remarkable world sports and music events in support of the ideas of Kindness and Humanity. Farzad had a live Performance on the stage at Sokolniki Park in Moscow. He sang many songs from his latest album in Persian and two songs in english. He won the “The Best Song Award” and nominated for the best live performance of the festival.

Latest Album

Listen to Farzad Farzin Latest album released February 2016.

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Farzad Farzin Album

6 Album

(2016 by Farzad Farzin)

6 is the sixth official album of Farzad Farzin released by Honare Avval. The album has 12 Tracks and now available.

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Six Album Teaser by Farzad Farzin

Watch Farzad Farzin’s Six Album Official teaser Directed by

Booshehri Brothers.


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